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Titel / Title Morbide Elite 
Label Iron Age Records 
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Belgium is surely not one of those countries, that immediately come to your mind, when thinking of Black Metal, yet there are some bands of this genre to be found - Huldrefolk being one of them, having their second album, entitled "Morbide Elite", ready to be unleashed to the world.
When it comes to the lyrics, I can unfortunately not really say much about them, since this band, being based in Flanders, is singing all songs entirely in Flemish (Belgien Dutch). If you have a look at some pages and read, that they call their music, or better to say the genre "Medieval Trollish Pestkult", you really start wondering, what the hell to expect on their CD. Well, first of all, itīs somewhere in the midtempo range, with faster songs inbetween and luckily the quality of the material is not uberly raw like with some other BM combos. The instrumental intro "Lijkenkarren" already creates a pretty gloomy and dark atmosphere, you hear a church clock, ravens, clapping of hooves, sounds like the perfect beginning of a ghost movie. The atmosphere gets more gloomy, more dense and the guitars start and lead over into a fast-paced song called "Koudvuurhaard" accompanied by typical BM vocals. The promoflyer mentions similarities to either Burzum or early Gorgoroth/Marduk. Being no fan of either of those bands, I canīt say much about that, a certain Norwegian flavour can be found in their music though. However, this album is surely only for BM fans and will hardly pleasy fans of other genres. Itīs Though "Morbide Elite" proves to be a record being ok to listen to, thanks to a proper sound.

Cornelia Wickel

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