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Titel / Title Lethargic, Way Too Late 
Label Midsummer Records 
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More and more often people start wondering, what´s going to be up next, after this huge Metalcore hype...good question indeed. Maybe it´s going to be time for bands like Redcraving. Bands that have a somewhat complex sound, that are influenced by various bands and don´t just try copying each other, thus sounding more and more alike and rather boring. Maybe, just maybe..., but it would surely be a pleasant thing. I´d really like to have some more suprises in my player, instead of exactly knowing how a song will sound like when hearing the first tunes.
Well, back from "might be, maybe and if only" and what not, Redcraving are now, presenting their latest album "Lethargic, Way Too Late". They´ve been around for quite a few years, but there´s hasn´t been a steady line-up since 2007. From then on everything went fast, 80 gigs so far, lots of opportunities to gather new impressions, experience and ideas. The beginning of the CD will most probably make you think, that you got the wrong CD in the shop, since you hear some clapping, some blabbering of an announcer, like in a very old movie and on top of all country music. Whatever this is really supposed to be, it already proves, that they´re open to obviously anything. But no worries, the following "We Sleep In Silence" kicks off heavily and full of energy, coming along with very varied elements, that make you forget about this "country-nightmare" you just witnessed a few seconds before. Redcraving are constantly somewhere between atmospheric, totally crazy, mad, calm, complex, among other things. Seems as if you can never be sure, what exactly to expect. Riffs, loops, synthie madness in "...His Queen As Well" (Horse The Band anyone?!), some basslines that really stick out of the sound, whatever it is, you´ll get it. I have to admit, in the beginning I was quite unsure, what to think of this band and I still am in a way, but when being in the right mood for this kind of sound, I can really say, I like it.

Cornelia Wickel

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