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Titel / Title In Blood And Heart 
Label Deity Down Records 
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Brutal music from The Netherlands keeps coming in constantly, thus Iīm not amazed to hold yet another brutal records in my hands from quite a new band called Persistense. Well, to be exact, the band has been around for nine year already, but apart from a demo entitled "Persistense" in 2004, you wonīt find anything, up till now, with the debut release "In Blood And Heart". Just on the margin, a short note on the bandname itself, itīs not written in a wrong way, rather a combination of the two words "persistent" and "intense". The group fell apart in 2005, but vocalist Stefan managed to gather some passionate musicians to records a 3-song Promo in 2008.
So how could you describe their sound? Itīs some groove Thrash/Death, that is not presenting the usual kind of lyrics, but meaningful lyrics, since the band stresses, that itīs important to them to have recognizable songs, with decent structure and lyrics that fit the whole thing. If you like the vocals of bands like Pestilence or Asphyx, youīll dig those on "In Blood And Heart" as well, since thereīs similarities between the ones of Stefan and aforementioned bands - monotonous in a way, something which some people will surely dislike, but it fits the music, thus no complaints here. Thanks to the groovyness of the songs, itīs a pretty smooth listening and that makes the whole record quite enjoyable. One thing is for sure, thereīs no really bad song from the opener "Further" till "Sick World, that is ending the album - brutalities and pretty headbangable riffs from beginning till end so to say.
Persistense surely didnīt invent the wheel, but are surely worth being checked out, since they deliver some quality material, along with nice ideas for songs and donīt have to hide from (debut) bands in this sector from elsewhere. Give them a try!

Cornelia Wickel

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