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Titel / Title You And Your Revolution 
Label Edge Records 
Total run time
39:11 min. 
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Hungary is beautiful – Slivovitz, Gulasz, Puszta, Balaton, Budapest, Superbutt. Superbutt? Well, if you start to google you might stumble over „Sexy Hot Bruenette Super Butt Shaking Dance“. Holla! But the hot Bruenette from the band about which we are talking, is male, baldheaded and roars with a brandy-trained voice in a tune that the wall wrinkles. Yes, the Hungarians are on fire and metal the Rock in heavy style! According to their labels promotion they are in their homeland already pretty known and play the well-filled halls, but now it’s time to shake the west.

The cover design already looks nasty and shows a beheaded blonde in different undead poses. The genre of music requires switching the amplifier on the position “today we kill the neighbours rest”. Correct decision – what starts with suspicious silent chirping guitars turns with “Last Call” into a vigorous membrane-shaker. Singer Vörös Andás has a voice which is able to burn the bred without a toaster: screaming rage of a wrestler who got locked in a toilet: “I push myself up against the wall”. Not a new recipe to stomp butter, but they stomp! A small child mumbles something in Hungarian language - then “Killer” breaks out and after an interval of a Hungarian talking woman and a charming swing-interruption the angry “Figure”. Both songs not least and finally now make clear

1.) that breathtaking rests very economically are scheduled
2.) that the wrestler still is locked in the cabin and tries to destroy it
3.) that until the end of the album he isn’t successful in that, what pushes the level of fury more and more high, but what doesn’t provoke much variations or a change of the vocal expression.

Yes, dear primates, those of you, who like their Gulasz pretty puszta-spicy with a lot of Slivowitz to satisfy the burning throat while you like to listen to fat rock music, which keeps the meat 40 minutes hot - but without to confuse with surprising changes of mood – those should give this eastern export a real try.

1. Last Call
2. Killer
3. Figure
4. In Vain
5. Lift Her
6. With Nails
7. You And Your Revolution
8. Mothers Day
9. Gone Far
10. Blisters

Andreas Torneberg

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