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Don Fernando

Titel / Title The Banquet Of... 
Label Don Fernando 
Total run time
39:37 min. 
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When Kyuss 1996 quitted their existence a lot of people felt sad about it. Obviously those guys from Don Fernando, Melbourne/Australia, too. But instead to cry they grabbed their guitars and started to fill the hole with the similar tune. “The Banquet of…” starts with what you need, if you should have missed the times while Josh Homme played together with Nick Oliveri in Queens Of The Stone Age. “Release Me Now” follows this way straight rocking. The receipt of the cook is clear: simple driving compositions with bone-dry riffs. This is what a kangaroo loves to listen to while jumping through the plains over “The Peeping Hole” – that’s purely direct out from the Desert Sessions. “Don’t Go” means: drive fast; and with this we are really back in Kyuss time, as “By You Side” which is nothing more or less than a clone. This becomes with “Rise in Sea” a kind of instrumental funerary cult – the slow start of the looping, hypnotic guitar tune which develops into a massive thunderstorm makes shiver because of the near to the forerunners. But for the voice of John Garcia you have to wait until “The Handle” and “Lowest Of The Low”– but in these songs it returned straight back from the grave of never forgotten records.

Yeah, we are talking about something somebody called once upon a time stoner rock; about some nostalgic, already 1000 times heard piece of desert-grunge. A copy? A clone? Yes, obviously. But is something bad about it? Actually not. Okay, the times of originality are over, but there will always be ears to listen the grungy mood of fat guitars playing psychedelic imaginations. Remarkable is a warm sound, although hard and strong it never turns to be aggressive or sharp; sheer nostalgia attack without the ability to surprise, but kicking to open the next beer and to feel at home. Nevertheless there has to be asked the question, if this band is able in future to create more own worlds of sound which step out of the shadow of the ancestors. If you have a heart for Kyuss, if you like bands like Spiritual Beggars or Pothead – than give this slice a try.

1,) What You Need
2.) Release Me Now
3.) The Peeping Hole
4.) Don´t Go
5.) By Your Side
6.) Rise In Sea
7.) The Handle
8.) Hold On
9.) Lowest Of The Low
10.) Loredana

Andrew Simpson (guitar, vocals, bass, organ, piano)
Chris Roberts (drums)
Michael Simpson (vocals, bass)
Adrian Cummins (guitar, Farfisa)
Ricky Audsley (organ)

Andreas Torneberg

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