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Titel / Title Life Failed 
Label DarkmusiX 
Total run time
40:69 min. 
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Nomen isn’t always Omen - Silence from Bavaria enforce a lot of noise in the bands name. After a short piano introduction which on the whole album establishes its presence, two guitars, bass, keyboard and drums roll the speakers. “Sugarsmel” starts as a calm ballade with vocals and piano and develops to be a real earworm. To become an earworm seems to be the target of all songs. The noise of Silence is very melodic with clear, long phases of guitar solos; the compositions are catchy and harmonic. The English singing of the sometimes squeezing but versatile voice follows the proved, even beaten path of a power rock that invites to hum along.

The band focuses on catchy songwriting without edges and corners, nevertheless with interesting progress and ideas. “Christine Infernal” buzzes as one of the more heavy ones, powerful nearly metal; “Face Away” has a romantic beginning with an acoustic guitar, whose refrain together with the vocal part leads through the song. “Misery in Stars” is the longest and most changing track and closes the homogenous recordings which are very professional and dynamic but ain’t able to present surprises or real highlights. The puristic cover shows an introverted, depressive atmosphere of obvious sadness that doesn’t appear inside of the music. It is just too much in chime and cosy.

1. Reclimbing Our Path
2. Sugarsmel
3. Murder Days
4. The Passion Between
5. Christine Infernal
6. The Last One to Go Through
7. Face Away
8. A Heaven For Homeless
9. Misery in Stars

Stefan Müller (vocals)
Sebastian Koos (keys)
Bastian Mattlener (drums)
Bastian Haupt (guitar)
Bernd Wolf (guitar)
Oliver Goeß (bass)

Andreas Torneberg

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