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Titel / Title March For Glory And Revenge  
Label VIC Records  
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Bornholm are not, as you might expect because of the name, from Scandinavia - but from Hungary. The band was founded in 2000 and released their first album "On The Way Of The Hunting Moon" in 2005. Again it took quite a while to have another album out. Why they chose the name of the Danish Island Bornholm as band name: Some Longobards living there later made a journey to Carpathia and joined Hungarian Pagans in the 5th century BC. Thematically this seems to be the focal point of the second album March For Glory And Revenge, as Thule is mentioned as mythological referece before those battle in the Carpaths and on the Fields Of Carnunthum take place... And right, also musically the definition comes from the North, itīs Black Metal of classic Norwegian opulence. Orchestral meloldich epic and atmospheric, there are also some influences from Pagan/Viking Metal, therefore I would also mention Ensiferum or Moonsorrow as references, e.g. the track "Where The Light Was Born (Thule Ultima A Sole Nomen Habens)". The production is good (by Viktor Scheer who also produced Ektomorf), and there is this brilliant artwork by Peter Sallai - therefore I can define this band as above the average. Fans of this genre should include it into their CD collection.

Klaudia Weber

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