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Titel / Title Liberation (EP) 
Label Razorfade 
Total run time
29:22 min. 
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“If the SISTERS OF MERCY were writing music now, is RAZORFADE what they would sound like?” This is what’s written on the bands Myspace side. Hm, a pretty ambitious claim, isn’t it? Yes, the album got some spice of the Grand Master of dark music likewise it got some ingredients of Depeche Mode, and the song “Pale Shelter” originates from Tears For Fears. This range of sound kicks into the direction: entertaining, poppy culture on a high and even alternatively gloomy level. Well, but the terrible thing with roots, neighbours and ancestors is – if their influence becomes too strong there might grow up the danger to miss the own identity and scape of sound. This is what can happen with Razorfade, a new, talented project from Australia.

It’s driving music, enjoyable and danceable, but in each tune you feel the breath of something you once have heard before. It sounds good, professional. It presents a catchy mood for a post-80s dance-floor party, commemorative of a soft version of the Sisters and partly the smooth side of electronic dance projects. The vocal chords are right in tune and hits the nerve of Dark Pop feeling. The whole production is worth of a recommendation to be played in radios and clubs. Already formerly successful of UK electronic alternative music in the 1990's, Mark Tansley tries again to lick the luck with Razorfade. But the future will show, if Razorfade is able to become more original without to awake the very fast mental connection of: oh, pretty nice, this sounds like…

Razorfade is:
Mark Tansley
Clifford Ennis

1. Liberation (Radio Edit)
2. A Push Away From Falling
3. Last Time
4. Liberation (Suspiria Mix)
5. Pale Shelter
6. Liberation

Andreas Torneberg

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