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Death By Stereo

Titel / Title Death For Life 
Label Epitaph/SPV 
Total run time
Vö/Release06 Jun 2005 
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With "Death For Life" Death By Stereo presents one of the mst solid and therefore best record that have so far been released this year. It's almost scary how much singer Efrem Schultz's melodic singing resembles Killswitch Engage front man Howard Jones', but it's hard to say who was more inspired by who in this case or whether any similarity between the two is just coincidental. Doesn't matter, this singer is absolutely excellent, he experiments a lot without going over the top. The same goes for the rest of the band. Only the 'half-ballad' "Forever And A Day" seems out of place, but after hearing it a few times, its worth becomes clear. Established elements combined with brave new paths make "Death For Life" an excellent album.

Andy Kuhn

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