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Raptor School

Titel / Title Redefined 
Label Oil Duck Records 
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Raptor School, humph! Sounds a bit strange already. The album cover, apparently done with the most basic digital painting programme, ouch! Then the music starts…not so bad as the band name and the cover suggests. According to the band biography, the influences range from U2 over Slipknot to Iron Maiden but itīs mostly the NWOBHM that comes through and shows that the guys do know what they are doing with their instruments. The band also tries to put in some variation and so there is besides the typical metal numbers also a ballad. A lot is tried out from the 3,5 minute song to the one that lasts almost 10 minutes but thatīs also one of the problems – what exactly do they want, whatīs the band concept?

But there are a even more problems - the lyrics, rather socio-critically orientated, are more or less on elementary school level and even worse is the singing if itīs even possible to call it like that. The vocal outpourings give me spontaneous headaches and the only instrumental song on the album can soothe the pain only for a short time. Honestly, I didnīt make it to the end of the record…

So before Raptor School are able to graduate from said school, things definitely need to be changed or "redefined". The first thing to do is finding a new front dinosaur…

Kathleen Gransalke

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