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Titel / Title Atmospheric Black 
Label Wintersunset Records/Firebox 
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I have my reasons why just the words "atmospheric Black Metal" cause panic attacks... and the title of this CD tells you everything already (besides the band name and cover artwork, which comes as folded poster, by the way). My worst fears, however, should not be confirmed - THIS cd can be enjoyed by non-Black Metal fans, too, without inflicting mental/physical pain or having other nasty side-effects. First, there are really nice acoustic parts, the recording quality is acceptable (that means you can identify the instruments, and they even sound good), and itīs indeed COMPOSITIONS to be enjoyed. That means, this duo from Belarus (Wind - Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Incarnatus - Drums) show on their third full length album (and after 2 split albums with Wodensthrone and Hellfire), that they are indeed experienced musicians, they offer variety - epic atmospheric parts and blast beat attacks - and even the lyrics have some poetic touch. Yet still they cannot quite convert me, when itīs getting too epic and repetitive I simply stop listening, and the whole thing becomes a - quite nice - background music. For genre fans this should be a MUST HAVE, and all the others can give it a try on the bandīs Myspace(

Klaudia Weber

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