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Titel / Title Those Shredded Dreams 
Label Vic Records 
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Once again a re-issue of an almost forgotten classic, this time Those Shredded Dreams, the debut album by Swedish death metal heroes Furbowl from 1992. And this re-issue shines with a lot of bonus material, apart from the original album (re-mastered by Mercyful Fate man Mike Wead) there are, on the same disc, two videos (Desertion and Razorblades) and on an extra disc you get a whole live album amongst others with cover versions of Venom´s Buried Alive and Day Man Lost by Carnage. Even after now 18 years the album hasn´t lost any of its “dreamlike” fascination, singer Johan “Liiva” Axelsson sounds like he was catapulted to the studio straight from the limbo and drummer Max Thornell works his fingers to the bone accordingly, a dream couple that continues Furbowl´s legacy with their latest band, Hearse. And not to forget the “satanic violin of doom”, adding some kind of devilish note to the whole thing. Damage Done – but only in the most positive sense.

Kathleen Gransalke

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