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Titel / Title A Turn for the Worst 
Label Jägermeister Music 
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Not long ago I reviewed the predecessor to A Turn For The Worst by Vengince and let´s check the archives, what did I have to say about As It Turns Sour back then: „trashy, metalcore, also progressive moments, very hard to put into a certain genre, always something new to discover”. Well, one year later, everything, in the truest sense of the album title, made “a turn for the worst”. The guys nowadays exclusively focus on typically American high-polish metalcore and even though you almost need a bullet-proof vest (hail of bullets from the drums) when you listen to the record, the band hasn´t anything new to offer. And, to support this statement even more, one song has, oh-how-creative, rap in it. Never heard that before!!! Only the back then critisised rather “weak and powerless” clean vocals improved on this follow up album. Thus, if the most innovative and exciting element on the whole record are some keyboard passages in the background then you can call this a major retrogression of the band. So, did the guys decide to renounce from more complex structures to appeal to a few more people who will buy the record?? Musically, most certainly not the right way to go; commercially maybe it is. The fans will ultimately decide.

Kathleen Gransalke

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