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Titel / Title Fixed Action Pattern 
Label Noizgate Records  
Total run time
41:51 (56:04 in bonus record)  
Vö/Releasealready released / bereits erschienen 
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The German Deathcore band, Placenta came out with a new record, Fixed Action Pattern and it is filled with songs with strange names (3 Minute Rape, Puking Reverse is a Slow Motion Massacre, etc) filled with a whole lot of oomph. Like the genre itself, it is just about impossible to listen to this album for longer than the playing time; not a single song deserved a re-run.

There is a measure of instrumental talent, but the vocals are horrible. Not surprisingly, it was almost impossible to distinguish words from the singing –the only word truly heard was also not surprising: Satan. None the less there was an evident beat and even somewhat of a melody. Furthermore, the comical intervals gave a welcome nudge out of monotony.

In the end, it wasn´t a bad album. After a new set of vocals and a bit more finesse, Placenta could succeed. If you are hardcore for Deathcore, go for it.

Ozzy Aikas

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