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Final Illusion

Titel / Title Execution 
Label DarkmusiX 
Total run time
46:24 min. 
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From Germany originates the „Final Illusion“, who call Frontline Assembly, Project Pitchfork, Front 242 or Suicide Commando their musical influences. It starts quite auspiciously with mysterious, electronic sounds in which the synthie-melodies and the drum-programming fall in. A hoarse voice growls angrily about the colour of death.

In the following “Gene” the singing reminds on the vocals of the band Das Ich, but without their subtlety. Nevertheless it’s one of the albums stronger tracks. The driving drum programming should make the organisms shake while nasty German lyrics tickle the ears. For this use inside of a gloomy discotheque “Mr.Heiligkeit” is made, too. The basic receipt of construction which leads through all the songs: on programmed, monotonous humming drums the keyboard-tunes together with roar-singing lacks of variations are building on. It makes it hard to recognize between the different tracks; all of them sound similar. Shortly between the songs the starting noise sequences catch some attention, but then the unvaried rhythm manifests the constancy of unimaginativeness.

There is none of the sharp aggression of Suicide Commando or something of the hard pressure of Project Pitchfork. Principally there is a lack of a developing spectrum which makes this music more than only to be a random, fast consumable, fast to forget sound to kick the dance-organ. The best parts are the beginning of the songs which should catch the listeners’ attention, and this they do. Lyrics which should provoke a shock or a reflection are not enough to give some depth. It stays an impression of monotony.

Marcel Papajewski – keys, drums, composition, lyrics
René Christ – vocal

01 The Colour of Death
02 Gene
03 Mr. Heiligkeit
04 Execution
05 Stuff of Life
06 Der Schänder
07 Die Wahl
08 Dead Soldier
09 I've Seen

Andreas Torneberg

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