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Titel / Title Open The Sky 
Label afmusic 
Total run time
37:67 min. 
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The beginning of the year welcomes the release which comes from the north of England, quasi matching the amassing masses of snow called “Open The Sky” – a fine piece of atmospheric rock in the style of the 80th/90th. The first tunes suggest wave; the bass presents through the whole work a remarkable presence. Then the female singer Mya starts with her vigorous voice. Her singing qualities are obvious, but the production pushed them much in the foreground that the rest of the music and especially the voice of Edward Grassby get reduced into the back what wasn’t the best decision. Because in the moment Edward starts, the comparison to Andrew Eldritch massively kicks the mind; and this fits to the driving Goth-Rock as well as already the ancestor was able to demonstrate.

But it would be too fast to stay with this relation, although the second track comes close to the Sisters of Mercy again. The following title-song “Open The Sky” opens with a jiggy bass-intro, but the guitars point direct to the repertoire of the former Fields of the Nephilim. Not later than now the vocal paintings of Mya squeeze the nerves; simply in the middle tunes too penetrating the expression doesn’t change much and affects the other scenario in a doubtful way. Nevertheless the guitars part in this song is very wavy and beautiful. The style between the songs doesn’t differ very much. The receipt base is to melt driving rhythms and riffs, guitar-melodies, accentuating keyboards and harmonic two-parts vocals in melancholic but danceable forms. This they do consequently, but because of this the music turns to the area of easy-listening, something nice to listen in the family living room while outside whips the snow.

„Denied“continues really beautifully with acoustical guitar. In this song Mya shows her strong suit – nuanced, melodic singing with a lot of expression. A rather calm, emotional and varying piece which already has the character of an ear-worm; almost scratching the skin of mainstream, but the stronger side of it. “One Day More” is one more Sisters, fancy bass runs and here the guitars indicate the Vision Thing, too. Got it? The attention is back since “Denied” – the level of the amplifier got up and invites to listen with more care. “Leave You To Burn” starts as a smooth cuddly song, but instead of a close dance this track suddenly becomes energetic; and “Anywhere” takes the energy and rocks powerfully on. Actually the duo-singing fits and makes fun with interesting accents. “Into The Rain” follows greatly the meteorological situation: the snow starts to melt in Old England, and Mya shows again that her strength is located in soulful, quiet ballads; a very good ending of a fickle, but overall strong album with some weak points. Not the change of the world, no musical high-flyer, but a round thing with a conspicuous taste for pretty melodies.

1. Lightning Strikes Twice
2. 4472
3. Open The Sky
4. Addiction FFS
5. Almost Everything
6. Denied
7. One Day More
8. Leave You To Burn
9. Anywhere
10. Into The Rain

Rob Walker – guitars
Mya – vocals
Edward Grassby – vocals, bass
Ian Grinn – guitars, backing vocals

Andreas Torneberg

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