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Titel / Title The Purpose of Our Existence 
Label 3rdTrack Productions 
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Mesetiah is one of the newest and why not also one of the most interesting upcoming bands from Finland. The band celebrated it´s 2 years long existence in the beginning of 2010 and in the same days they also released their first album "The Purpose of Our Existence". And it was a positive surprise in the Finnish (death)metal landscape, which is quite boring nowadays.

The boys have taken influences from the best; sounds like Six Feet Under albums have gotten scratches from all the listening in the rehearsal room. And that´s not a bad thing, especially because this band is not stealing stuff. The album is aggressive, creative and sounds fresh, which is not the easiest task to complete in this style of music. Mesetiah is doing a good job and if they continue progressing, they might make it. Hopefully we´ll see the bands name on at least a few festival line-ups next year. They´d blow all the emo bands off the stage.

Saskia Meerbaum

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