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Titel / Title Rh -  
Label KD Finis Mundi / Edel / Ministry Of Sound 
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For music journalists the famous sport of "pidgeonholing" is always fun. What it entails? You try to shove a band into a musical genre without a second thought. If you are not able to do that, a new genre is born. The genre of nu-metal was invented that way, for instance. Now, if one were in an evil mood, one would listen to the music of Siddharta, stuff it in the category "pop", press 'eject' and throw the cd in the rubbish. If one were in a milder mood, one might find a new "pidgeonhole" for this band's sound and it would be something like "atmospheric super-slick synthesizer metal". But seriously, "Rh-" is a very bad record. Some nice costumes and this band could take part in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Andy Kuhn

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