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Titel / Title Lauf!Lauf! 
Label Rookie Records 
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„Lauf!Lauf!“ [Run!Run!], the new album by Genepool could´ve been called „Tanz!Tanz!” [Dance!Dance!] as well because that´s exactly what you want to do after you put the record in your player. Lively and cheerful, that´s how the guys play their “20-ich wave punk from Hell” (or Cologne, Germany) and they do sound very British indeed, maybe a bit reminiscent of Kaiser Chiefs but with a lot more power and tempo. Accordingly, you have your modern 80s sound with retro organ, sing-along friendly choruses, here and there some heavy guitars, the occasional wind instrument and, to finish it all up, a donkey?? So, basically everything you need for an album that will make you happy. Have fun!

Kathleen Gransalke

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