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Titel / Title Close to Violence 
Label Novoton  
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Sweden, Sweden and again Sweden, place of creativity, birthplace of beautiful pearls, which can be collected by resting seekers in scenic landscapes near a mountain lake. The latest pearl, gently put (not thrown!!) on the market by the NOVOTON label on January 29th 2010 is something very special because CLOSE TO VIOLENCE sneaks like a daydream with a slightly bent head and beautiful and sad eyes through this big world of music. LOWOOD joins the ranks of big names like Kristofer Aström (who also guests on one track) or even Tiger Lou and many more.

Essentially, the band is Therese Johansson, being the voice, writer and guitarist of this project. She´s a beautiful young woman from Stockholm, who gives every single track on CLOSE TO VIOLENCE a certain kind of fragility, that let`s you get closer and deeper into the arrangements than you will know it from the usual melancholic Sweden Pop.
Summary: A wonderful record with an eternally sad touch that occasionally turns into hope – just the right thing for those cold winter days.

Holger Hofmann

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