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Titel / Title Winternight Tragedies 
Label Massacre Records/Soulfood 
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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"Winternight Tragedies" is the sixth album of the Finnish black metal formation Catamenia and surprise, surprise, once again the band around guitarist Riku Hopeakoski presents itself in a new line up. This time singer Mika and bass player Timo cleared the field, but with the new screamer O.J. Mustonen and Mikko Hepooja they have found adequate replacements. The change in line up doesn't seem to have had a negative influence on the sound or the quality. It actually seems to have inspired a more varied, hymnical sound without losing the characteristic ice cold brusqueness of the compositions. Atmospheric keyboards and stirring viking chorals make songs like "Verikansa" absolute hits.

Ingo Gie▀mann

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