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Titel / Title Hiatus 
Label Midsummer records 
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KISMET, from Utrecht in Holland, are 5 guys who release their first record, which had been released 2009 via BEEP BEEP! BACK UP THE TRUCK records (Netherlands) already and caused quite a stir over there. Now HIATUS is available in Germany, too, and its a must for every Indie pop fan. The whole record is fresh, coherent and varied. Nowadays you expect such a good work only from some _British and Scandinavian Indie Big-Names. I did not expect this from a Dutch band. When I think of Holland and music, I always have The Gathering, Celestial Season or Ks Choice in my mind. In the future I will think of KISMET, too. A really very good and solid, danceable and well produced album. HIATUS is catchy and everything just works very well: melody, good voice and singing, perfect arrangements, pleasant breaks, piano elements, tempo changes. A pleasant record without any boring moments. I am very surprised.
The name of the band means fate. I think the fate will be on the side of KISMET.

Bottom line: a very successful debut!

Holger Hofmann

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