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Titel / Title Silent Rebellion 
Label 65productions 
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DOLLFACE have chosen a very simple Cover for “Silent Rebellion”, but they have left a good impression with their alternative/indie Style. There´s nothing spectacular within these 14 songs, but DOLLFACE created an honest CD. The songs are somehow catchy and have some rock and punk parts in it, which contain a good dose of agression. This way it may become interesting for those who normally don´t listen to this genre. They´ve also been kept simple, which means they rest pretty good in mind and should be nice to hear that live. At the end there could be a little bit more variation. (Dollface just vary a bit in their songwriting). It´s more than 30 minutes of good sound, and that’s the main thing in “Silent Rebellion”.

Markus Seibel, transl. Fabio Sgarlato

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