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Titel / Title Glaube Liebe Hoffnung 
Label Better Than Hell/ Edel 
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If you mention the name Betontod in Germany, I´m pretty sure, that most Punk/Rockfans will know who you´re speaking of, since this band is surely among the most well known ones, that this scene has to offer. After they´ve been around since 1990 and have managed to climb up the career ladder from the small garage band from the neighboorhood to the top of the German Punkscene. The 2nd Longplayer was published by Ex-Tote Hosen Drummer Wölli and he also made them play a festival, that he was organising, in headliner position. Apart from that Betontod were toursupport for bands like The Exploited or Hass, just to mention two of them.

Well, let´s have a look at the album "Glaube Liebe Hoffnung" (Belief Love Hope) now. Luckily the lyrics of the album aren´t typical punk-like, but meaning/thoughtful at times.
Why Punk in a metalzine, some might wonder. Well, first of all the aforementioned lyrics, that aren´t that punky and then of course the music. During the first few tunes you might even think that you have some Powermetal record in your player, which changes to some nice Rock stuff then. However, Betontod are still punk, no worries, but with a bit rock attitude. I was quite amazed when listening to this CD, since I remember not being a big fan of what I heard about 10-12 years ago... Luckily things change as time goes by and so did Betontod without turning into a mainstream band or something like this. Now in 2010 I´m quite sure, that they´ll manage to convince music fans, who are normally not into Punk music and the like. They´re open to various influences, which you can clearly hear in their music and that makes this record interesting. The vocals are not that variable one has to say, but easy to understand and fit to the music. Due to being easy to understand and having some catchy melodies, I´m quite sure, that fans can sing along all the songs within a short time. And, like I mentioned, they´re still punk, just have a look at songtitles like "Stadt der Reichen" (City of the richt) or "Leb´ dein Leben" (live your life) and "Widerstand" (resistance) and the punk-attitude is there!

"Glaube, Liebe, Hoffnung" is for all, who had their punk-time somewhen, still listen to Punk sometimes or simply want to check some stuff besides Metal.

Cornelia Wickel

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