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Black Wreath

Titel / Title A Pyre of Lost Dreams 
Label Head Not Found 
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Black Wreath was formed in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2002 by Kim Larsen – Guitars, Synths, Drums, Vocals, Peter Mesnickow – Vocals, Drums, and Dave Müller – Bass, Electro Harmonix Micro Bass Synth. They share a passion for heavy, depressive, monotonous doom metal, and the fate that the career of this band develops in a similar slow-motion pace that characterizes their music. It wasn´t until 2006 that the band created their oevre, and it took another two years until they entered Soundscape Studios with engineer Louise Nipper to record their debut album “A Pyre of Lost Dreams”, which – again almost two years later - is now available via Norwegian label Head Not Found.

Funeral Doom is indeed the best way to describe this heavy, epic sound – if the drummer got paid according to beats, he´s definitely destined to starve. Heartbreaking melodies in the style of Swallow The Sun are mixed with somewhat cynic-misanthropic vibes, evoking associations to Cathedral or Reverend Bizarre, and occasionally the vocals of “Solitude Rising” remind you of Venom – pure wicked evil. The fourth track “Niddstäng ” could be the soundtrack of a horror movie, a haunting atmospheric ambient piece. Quite appealing, in an evil-wicked way, a must for genre fans anyway, all the others should lend it an ear.

1.The Black Holes of Your Mind - 15:29
2. Nocturnal Dominion - 13:10
3. Solitude Rising (Missing All Exit) - 14:02
4. Nidstöng – 07:50

Klaudia Weber

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