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Titel / Title Interspheres-Atmospheres 
Label Songs of the Century 
Total run time
51 min 
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A little bit like Dredg - this came to my mind when I listened to the second track “Prodigy Composer”. And after that I thought– goddamnit – this is a German band, from Mannheim and the record was produced by Fabio Trentini (Guano Apes, H-Blockx amongst others). I am really surprised, although there is nothing really new here. These four guys made a pretty good record, which directly follows on from their debut album SOBP. Some of the tracks on INTERSPHERES – ATMOSPHERES do have a huge hit potential and I´m sure the guys will showcase that on stages in clubs and at festivals in the near future. And damn, the drummer kicks ass. He gives the arrangements the needed power, which works very well on some tracks like “Snapshot”. Besides the hits there are also some songs that bore me because some elements are repeated over and over again and some tracks are needlessly geared down by breaks. Nothing against breaks but it simply repeats too often and gets on my nerve.
Nevertheless, INTERSPHERES-ATMOSPHERES is a good follow-up record with a big exclamation mark and the message- German music can be successful everywhere.

Holger Hofmann

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