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Titel / Title Revenge 
Label Remedy Records 
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A not so innovative title and a not so innovative sound is what the Hamburg based band Paragon offer us with their current, seventh album "Revenge". That doesn't have to be a problem, as long as the quality of the songs is good. They haven't turned away from their classic heavy metal Hamburg school sound at all, so the riffs are still hard as Hell, the solos extensive, straightforward pieces with a pumping double bass, raw singing and catchy refrains. Songs like "Traitor", "Assassins" and "Symphony Of Pain" will go down well with fans of this band and German heavy metal bands like Iron Savior. Their front man Piet Sielck handled the production, which you can clearly tell in songs like "Revenge". With the too long piece "Masters Of The Sea" the Hamburgers pulled out all epic stops. The old school album is ended with some powerful melodies, like a cover version of Manowar's „The Gods Made Heavy Metal“. Cool, but nothing brilliant. For the limited edition a live DVD of Sweden Rock 2004 will be added.

Ingo Gießmann

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