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umnachter project

Titel / Title Schall und Rauch 
Label no label 
Total run time
52:26 min. 
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No Deathmetal, no Powerrock, no fury – acoustical sound from Austria, calm and relaxing from the big family of “Folk” and obviously characterized by regional streams describes the valleys and mountains of a very personal journey of soul. The “umnachter project” of Robert Polsterer from Vienna, who feels at home in the Austrian mountains, invites to a special trip into an instrumental and individual cosmos of acoustical western-guitar, jaws harp, didgeridoo and overtone singing.

The album is divided into two mixed units: harmonic accords and sparkling melodies of the catchy guitar change with the tunes of the overtone- and throat-singing, an echoism without any words which sounds pretty exotic and unusual and turns into instrumental character by itself. “Kleingeist” takes the overtone beginning rather minimalist and like from the department of world music. With “Von Hinnen” Robert impresses through a virtuoso and nuanced mastery of his six-string-lady, whose brisk drive meets at the end a kind of yodel-singing; here the mountain soars. Who does like the acoustical guitar gets the best service. But to get closer to the overtone singing needs to listen to this music more than a couple of times – to get closer to the world of Robert Polsterer needs concentration; neither to get irritated by the unused and regional nature, nor by the putative easy going harmonies.

In fact, it is simple to find an own opinion, if this by alp, meadow and heights inspired music is able to ensnare so much to buy the CD. Because on the website you can easily not only listen to several tracks but also inform yourself about the umnachter project, further about the other musical activities of the busy Austrian.


1. Kleingeist (3:38)
2. Von Hinnen (5:23)
3. Mooswald (3:37)
4. Wurzelwicht (6:57)
5. Con Fuoco (3:09)
6. Verloren im Sturm (4:22)
7. Am anderen Tage (3:10)
8. Elegie der Irrwische (3:55)
9. Nebeltal (5:57)
10. Harzblut (5:02)
11. Nach Dannen (4:35)
12. Da Capo (2:23)

Andreas Torneberg

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