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Titel / Title Channel 1 
Label free download on the bands website 
Total run time
42:54 min. 
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„Psychedelic progressive post rock” is written on their website – and this is dead on target. “Channel 1” - the debut album of the band Thesis - presents a complex work full of emotional rocky ideas and discovers obviously a lot of experiences the members collected in their earlier projects. You could try to find pieces of Katatonia’s melancholy inside the music, or elements of Pink Floyd and the drive of Porcupine Tree, bands they call their influences. But they are not from Great Britain or Sweden, this band originates from Poland and this includes some of the Polish rock-traditions what adds an ingredient by its own, especially inside the guitars section.

“Leaving physical” is a real zinger recommended to check on their Myspace-side. It shows the spectrum of nearly acoustical calm parts till hard rocking which reminds not little to the old 70th and explains the word “post”. On a melodious bass-line the electric guitar presents rocking riffs and spherical tunes. The following track starts in best Polish way - that means straight and earthy rock music. Thesis enriches the style with a lot more in the metal direction – the song has seven minutes, and it needs all the time to fall from one idea into the next. “Selfseduced” starts very melancholic and impressive with parallels to Anathema. The singer’s voice on the last track “Nourisher” shows the talent of multi-variant expression.

This is an album that needs to get listened several times to show all of its different aspects and intelligent ingredients. In some parts the singer still needs some work to reach more persuasive power; in the middle range the voice sometimes sounds a bit strained. The different ways to make the electric guitar vibrate are excellent. In conclusion: A remarkable debut high above the average, but with still some space in front to climb the next step of unique development.

1. Persephona
2. Alice
3. Like a child
4. Leaving physical
5. Not a pean
6. Selfseduced
7. Hidden plastic earrings
8. Nourisher

Andreas Torneberg

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