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Titel / Title Chains Of Sin 
Label 7hard 
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The guys TIMESWORD from Italy are publishing with “Chains Of Sin” their new album, on which the band tries to reconcile abrasive Progressive Metal in the tradition of Dream Theatre. But the claim on their own abilities fails, because the six tracks on the CD are just pulling like bubblegum. The singing from Mark Pastorino should apparently come along heroical, but it´s as rousing and oratorical as the summary of a discussion from the German parliament, shown on the television news. The songs in general seem to be played with an overdose on valium; lame guitars encountering songs without any suspense and the melodies often remind of a failed attempt to pimp up Symphony X´s “Of Sins And Shadows” with American creativity. The result just sounds boring, tedious, undynamic and anything else but progressive or heavy as fuck. If TIMESWORD don’t buy some talent on “Ebay”, then I´m seeing a dark future here. That remains the only really dark thing here…

Markus Seibel

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