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Titel / Title Come Out Fighting 
Label Golf/Cargo 
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Glancing at the cover leads one to suspect, what the music is makes unmistakably clear: Neck are hailing from the green island, aka Ireland. They´re serving an appropriate portion of Folk-Punk, that will surely deligh all fans of Dropkick Murphys or Flogging Molly and the like. This is already the 3rd output of the band, completely packed with songs, whose melodies will make you want to jump and dance immediately. Seems as if this band is absolutely restless, how else could you explain over 1000 festival gigs in 3 continents within 8 years? This leads to a growing - and well deserved - amount of fans.

So the album kicks off with the titletrack "Come Out Fighting", followed by "Everybodys Welcome To The Hooley", which makes it pretty hard to remain seated. You can almost see a jumping, dancing crowd during a gig or in an Irish pub! After only a handful of songs, you might start wondering, whether the guys (and the girl), wouldn´t have better called this album "Come Out Dancing". The aforementioned song, with its anti-racism lyrics, managed to land in the UK charts back in 2006. With "The Homes Of Donegal" they step on the break, but just a little bit and still unmistakenly Irish. You can hear folky instruments like tin-whistle, fiddle, uillean-pipe and banjo, whereas in other songs the guitars take a more prominent position in the sound. "Come Out Fighting" is definitely a proof, that this band deserves to be called one of the bands of the Folk-Punk movement with Irish roots! Oh and you should definitely have a look at the booklet, because apart from the lyrics, you´ll find a little "crashcourse" in Irish culture.

If this doesn´t put you in good humour, you´re beyond help for sure. Perfect record for fans of aforementioned bands and everybody, who´s looking for some good-mood-music.

Cornelia Wickel

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