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Sacred Reich

Titel / Title Independent 
Label Displeased Records 
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Displeased Records are surely a label, for hunters of old stuff, that is hard to find in CD stores. Why? Well, they re-release some good old out-of-print stuff, like the present "Independet" from Thrash Metallers Sacred Reich. The band had split-up some 10 years ago, but reunited in 2007, playing reunion shows all over Europe.
Apart from the songs, that were on the original release back in 1993, they put 5 bonustracks from the "A Question", "Open Book" and "Crawling" EPs on the CD, making it over one hour of Thrash Metal.
All the collectors out there will be happy to hear, that "Independet" will be released as limited edition with a patch. This records is definitely less raw and way groovier than "The American Way", which also has been re-released last year. In case you can live with a lack of aggression, you surely wonīt complain about "Independent". I personally missed it a bit, but donīt get me wrong, this is still no bad CD. The titletrack is a great opener and surely gets stuck in your ears quite fast, some even call it one of the best Sacred Reich songs. "Product" comes out interesting with its rhythm pattern, followed by a rather slow "I Never Said Goodbye - musical almost a ballad, it actually fails to be one, since vocalist Phil Rind definitely doesnīt sound very convincing there. Guess he should stick to the more thrashy stuff. Else you find quite a lot of midtempo tracks, that make the whole thing a bit lengthy after a while. But tracks like "Crawling" are surely some of the more interesting midtempo tracks, having quite a Sabbath touch to it. All in all a CD, thatīs ok as a whole, but with too many lows for my taste - definitely a tamer version of Sacred Reich you have to deal with in case you plan to get hold of this record.
(no rating, since itīs a re-release)

Cornelia Wickel

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