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Crazy Lixx

Titel / Title New Religion 
Label Label Frontier Records  
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Already with their debut album „Loud Minority“ from 2007 Crazy Lixx successfully became part of the “New Wave of Swedish Sleaze” elite. After a line-up change the band then rather focused on touring and writing new material, which was recorded at the Polar Studios in Stockholm in 2009. Now, in 2010 the guys are back with a “New Religion”. Every song is a small rock anthem on its own and makes you sing along from the first note on. The music simply makes every hard rocker´s heart beat faster because the current line-up with Danny Rexon (vocals), Andy Dawson (guitar), Joey Cirera (drums) and Luke Rivano (bass) managed to give that certain something to the every single one of their songs. One thing is clear, since their last album the band has grown a lot and thus, they skillfully put the listener into a time machine straight back to rockworld of the 80s where bands still knew how to play and singers were able to sing. On top of it, there´s an ounce of uniqueness about them and the result is one of the best hard rock albums of 2010.

Sandy Mahrer

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