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My Name is Music

Titel / Title Revolution 
Label Pate Records 
Total run time
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Phoebe Hall and Niki Altmann not only make music they are music, judging by their band name. So you can assume that there is a lot of passion in their work. The album was a challenge for me at first because it is not your everyday pop album but you can find a lot of different and interesting arrangements on it, which I couldn´t put into a certain genre and, honestly, I didn´t want to either. REVOLUTION is not a record which finds its way into your brain easily, at first - but then again it does and even more so. Things like that are indicators for good critics in the specialized press. Personally, I´m in love with this album without knowing what REVOLUTION really is. But what I can definitely say is that there are two really skilled persons at work, who know how to captivate the listener. Your lucky ears do not often get to experience that much virtuosity. Each track is topped off with Phoebe´s singing, which sways between a little dirty, lovely, heavy and smooth and Niki´s powerful bassplay.

Bottom line: The revolution of the Austrian couple is exactly what the band name suggests: music and pretty good one.

1. Heehaw
2. Grab The Microphone
3. That´s What I Am
4. Queen Of The World
5. Smooth Revolution
6. Birthday Cake
7. Keep On Running
8. Popstar
9. 7 Hours
10. My Sweetheart
11. Oh Shit, My Boyfriend Is Darth Vader
12. Close My Eyes
13. Rain

Holger Hofmann

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