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Titel / Title Cupboard Full Of Things 
Label Intergroove Records 
Total run time
39 min 
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen/already released 
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Folk, a throaty voice, bluesy atmosphere, slow versions and up-tempo variations - this is what OKIESON are about. To say it right away: A great album! There is deepness, soul, melancholy - but it´s not at all depressing. A CUPBOARD FULL OF THINGS is exactly what the title says: a cupboard full of things, which want to be consumed, in every way possible. The distinctive voice of the singer and the catchy, smooth guitar pickings turn A CUPBOARD FULL OF THINGS into an awesome and beautiful record. Continuous playing is guaranteed. There is nothing more to say, except maybe that none other than Mark Nevers (Calexico, Bonnie Prince Billy) put the finishing touches to OKIESONs CD and artists like Paul Niehaus (Calexico), Andrew Bird and Tony Craw (Lambchop) contributed their skills to the album.

Summary: Great record that is worth every penny! (HH)

A second opinion:
OKIESON are young, Dutch and bent on electro/roots. It’s the good old way of playing and not to walk under the Beatdown-Bree-Bree-Bree-variant of the unspeakable Elektrograph Records. “Cupboard Full Of Things” surprises and excites with 11 nice and technical sophisticated songs, which will be liked especially by fans of the progressive school. OIIO (R.I.P.) can be considered as comparison, although the drummer has a more individual way of playing and the lyrics which are written in finest Italian-English better shouldn’t be read a second time. But it doesn’t matter, in the end the album stays in terms of independence on a high level and can persuade with variable songs. In short, who is looking for a really good electro acoustic album should go for “Cupboard Full Of Things”. (MS, transl TZ)

1. Fix Me Up
2. Small House
3. Trees
4. Sittin´ In The Sun
5. Cupboard Full Of Things
6. Good Friend
7. Great Coverup
8. Aliennation
9. Write It Down
10. Interlude 001
11. Two Blue Chairs

Holger Hofmann, Markus Seibel, transl. Tatjana Ziegler

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