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Jon Olivaīs Pain

Titel / Title Festival 
Label AFM Records 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen/already released 
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Who has heard of the no longer existing band "Savatage" will need no further introduction to Jon Oliva - and who has never heard of either, should find out ASAP what was missed here and check out both - especially if you are into solid Power-Prog Metal with heartwarming melodies, bombastic riffs and extremely catchy tunes. This is also a nice way to describe all 10 tracks on this "Festival" CD, and also critical ears will not find one weak track among those Metal-Hymns... which is proved by the fact that this CD entered the German Media Control Charts right after its release. "Lies" is a rather rough Metal opener which also indicates the focus of this album, yet with "Afterglow" (drifting off into a Jazz-realm at one point) "Looking for Nothing" and the outro "Now" you will find calmer tunes / ballads. Here you can also discover Jon Olivaīs vocal diversity which he could have used more often. Although the rough style fits the songs well, it is for me occasionally painful to listen to - perhaps pressing his vocal chords to hard is the true meaning behind "Jon Olivaīs Pain"? And one thing is clear, itīs difficult to surpass those legendary Savatage classics, also "Festival" cannot achieve that. Considering JOP on itīs own as a project, there is however this ingeniuity, qyality and brilliance to continue their way - so therefore we should be looking forward to the follow-ups of this album!
1. Lies
2. Death Rides A Black Horse
3. Festival
4. Afterglow
5. Living On The Edge
6. Looking For Nothing
7. The Evil Within
8. Winter Haven
9. I Fear You
10. Now

Klaudia Weber

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