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Titel / Title Lustdriven 
Label Spinefarm Records 
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Lustdriven is already the fourth album of power metal band Kiuas from Finland. Their lyrics are mostly old folk stories about Kalevala God Ukko and battles that are to be won. This new album follows closely in the footsteps of the predecessor “The New Dark Age” and convinces with powerful songs and beautiful ballads. The voice of singer Ilja Jalkanen shines brightly as ever and especially with the slower track Lights Are Many his clean vocals are simply impressive – it seems as if this track is very close to his heart. There´re also some excellent riffs by guitarist Mikko Salovaara, he really knows his craft. Partly, however, especially compared with the vocals, the music doesn´t seem to fit and appears almost too aggressive but this only happens very rarely. Those who want to buy this album can already look forward to the usual Kiuas anthems, which are just perfect to headbang and sing along to. Kiuas is definitely not your everyday power metal band and therefore I´m sure that we will hear a lot more of those guys in the future.

01. Kiuassault
02. Cry Little Angel
03. Of Lust, Love and Human Nature
04. Aftermath
05. Lights Are Many
06. The Visionary
07. Heart and Will
08. The Quickening
09. Summer´s End
10. Winter´s Sting

Sandy Mahrer

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