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Panic Cell

Titel / Title Fire it up 
Label Undergroove Records 
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The band name might be misleading, there is absolutely no reason to hide away from Panic Cell in a room of that kind... The third album of the Brits - who are right now on a UK headliner tour - offers nice and solid songwriting as well as sound, and they are not easily put into a category - which is another good aspect. The powerful voice of Luke Bell reminds you of Disturbed, and the band shared even stages with them during their recent months of intense touring, but otherwise there are no connections. I would rather point out a relationship with the Hardrock classics of the island, especially when it comes to softer parts, e.g. the acoustic intro of "Jaded". Well, Nickelback might be a comparison, as also Panic Cells ear candy mix of melodies and power can easily be played on the radio - which is meant in a positive sense. Therefore, check those guys out.

Klaudia Weber

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