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Titel / Title Tanz der Schatten (Der Clown) 
Label DarkmusiX 
Total run time
27:64 min. 
Vö/Release02 / 04 / 2010 
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A well tasting mixture bottled by the band Dolor from Germany. The filling contains ingredients from medieval, industrial and gothic portions. This could provoke to think about bands like In Extremo, but thankfully it's not going about a clone, even if the singing reminds a little in this way. And with appearing of the chorus in "Im Weg" the associations blow into another direction - this kind of pithy German lyrics let the view turn to the corner, where the Rammstein-CDs stand on the board. Nevertheless the lyrics of Dolor are more dark and romantic. "Metamorphosis" pushes stronger in the German industrial area - on electronic, driving waves foam fat guitar riffs. "König der Nacht" enjoys by playing with words; the voice sinks deep down and rocks.

In this kind of atmosphere the album continues. Dolor shows real talent handling catchy melodies and open a full rocking reminiscent to Joachim Witt, especially after the vocals start to recite. "Tanz der Schatten" goes again into medieval rock, but without shawm or bagpipe: a party between Rammstein, In Extremo and Sisters of Merci. "Der Weg zurück" is an electronic instrumental including a drum computer (as it formerly was called) und presents a breathing pause to the singer; unfortunately a rest to the whole production with three needless minutes. After that follows a remix for the dance-floor. The dark disco DJ will be probably happy about it, but the generally interesting, but rather short album in the length of an EP which offers a lot of ability to create its own temper a more inspirited end could have created a stronger leaving.

1. Das letzte Spiel
2. Prolog zum Untergang
3. Der Weg
4. Metamorphosis
5. König der Nacht
6. Der Clown (Part II)
7. Tanz der Schatten
8. Der Weg zurück
9. Der Clown 1 (Remix)

Steve Gain (Vocals)
Jens Seiferheld (Guitar)
Tony Nemec (Bass)
Steffen Arnold (Drums)
anonym (Der Clown & Mr. Machine)

Andreas Torneberg

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