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Titel / Title Unter der Stadt 
Label Danse Macabre Records 
Total run time
42:02 min. 
Vö/Release23 / 04 / 2010 
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Personal recitations are mixed with calm loops of rhythms - the new album of Rebentisch starts very concentrated on the German lyrics and moves with the second track into spherical, electronic fields; the vocal changes temporarily to a restrained sprechgesang. The soul images of Rebentisch are characterized by romantic melancholy and develop their own nature which unfold even without a voice in the instrumental song "Danach". Minimalist, electronic sound collages in moll melt together on rivers of dark-pop and electro-art with sequences of texts and own a relaxed individuality. Obviously some influences are easy to figure out, but they ain´t get in danger to be a copy (like from Massive Attack, The Knife, And One).

"Der Biss" breaks away out of recitation and becomes a sound for dancing; the lyrics change to melodic singing. Even more poppy the "Kindertotenlied" follows this tendency and takes the foot from the brake. After all this driving movement the dance-level is reduced again, but the voice stays on singing. Plaintive strings escort the songs for people sitting in club chairs and licking at dolorousness. A kind of Trip-hop is added which let the show flow down on window-panes like teardrops. "Unter der Stadt" offers a bow of tension which emerges almost a bridge with an energetic central part between a silent surrounding at the beginning and the end of spoken poetry on slow rhythm. Emotional intellectuality goes together with moody beats...

01. Das Leben Geht Einfach Weiter [Cabo De Gata -Version]
02. Danach [Coverversion I. By Als Godzilla Japan Aß]
03. Jeder Neue Tag [Cabo De Gata - Version]
04. Danach [Coverversion Ii. By Als Godzilla Japan Aß]
05. Das Medikament [Als Godzilla Japan Aß - Rmx]
06. Angst [Mike Pale - Rmx]
07. Der Biss [Stefan Heise - Rmx]
08. Kindertotenlied [Shadow Minds - Rmx]
09. Mein Blick Ins Leere [Coverversion By Als Godzilla Japan Aß]
10. ...Eben Liebe [Verzerrter Rmx By Als Godzilla Japan Aß]
11. Das Medikament [Shaved Sheeps From Behind – Rmx By Cabo De Gata]

SVEN REBENTISCH (Musik, Texte, Gesang)
JENS BOHM (Bassgitarre)

Andreas Torneberg

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