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Le Baron Vampire

Titel / Title Baruch 
Label Sums Records 
Total run time
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The first impression of Baruch, without having even listened to one single note, is pretty gimmick-y (the band name alone, the song titles, d´uh!), especially after all this Twilight and other supernatural hype thingies in the media lately, I personally, don´t want to see let alone listen to any vampires anymore. After the first rather visual annoyance is overcome let´s turn to the musical outpourings of the band from Lausanne. Thank God or Lestat (?) then, the music itself has little to do with those bloodsuckers and their usual soundtrack. There´s post hardcore sound on offer, which is sometimes more post, other times more hardcore. It´s actually pretty laudable that the band tries to break out of those common/predictable structures, however, the songs are missing some coherence, here and there some elements of a song simply hang a bit in the air. On the other hand, especially with this genre you can get away with “murder” and so let´s keep the garlic in the closet for now…

1. Coyote versus Machete
2. Saloon Bizarre
3. Astro Zombies
4. The Statues
5. Bullet Dozer
6. Herz, Knie, Staub
7. Hellsinki
8. Baruch

Kathleen Gransalke

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