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The 69 Eyes

Titel / Title Back In Blood 
Label Nuclear Blast  
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"Better late than never", that is what I thought so here is the review for the current album of the The 69 Eyes, "Back In Blood", although its release was already some months ago.

After the album trilogy with "Wasting The Dawn", "Blessed Be" and "Paris Kills" I expected
a third opus after the last two studio productions "Devils" and "Angels" which will complete the second trilogy in the band`s discography. It could have been named "Gods" but where "Devils" started, "Angels" has already ended. So no second trilogy in the band`s discography. Not yet at least. Well, I was not that sad about it because I especially missed the guitars in "Devils" and "Angels" and also lots of other fans complained that those albums were "too poppy and too American".

Full of suspense we had to wait for what will coming up next... And what should I say? The title "Gods" - or maybe more "Gods Of Goth`n`Roll - wouldn`t have been that wrong!

Already the opener "Back In Blood" surprises the tended The 69 Eyes fan totally. The song starts with a faint intro which then booms out of the speakers with increasing volume.

This lovely dirty laugh of singer Jyrki69 could be interpreted as "Haha, here we are back again, your Helsinki Vampires!" - and then they start to rock straightly! Yes, the album could have been titled as already suggested, but in a trilogy with "Devils" and "Angels" it wouldn`t match because already the first track rocks more than any of those albums. The transition from the first to the second track is also pretty cool and with "We Own The Night" the guys keep on rocking. It`s a truly "Party in the night" anthem and in my opinion one of the highlights of this album.

It continues with "Dead`n`Gone", the second single release. Although it is a beautiful song, I would have chosen "We Own The Night" instead, but there is no accounting for taste. Beside the first single release "Dead Girls Are Easy" there is another song which works certainly great as Live anthem: "The Good, The Bad & The Undead“. Raise your fist!

All in all "Back In Blood" is filled with rocksongs, ballads are sparse, a fact that I really appreciate. Further highlights are "Lips Of Blood" and "Some Kind Of Magick". For "Some Kind Of Magick" the five Northern lights obviously used the guitar riff of a very popular The Sisters Of Mercy song, but we want to forgive our favourite Finns for that.

The long wait was worth it, definitely, `cause The 69 Eyes went back to their rocking roots, and at the same time they go into a new direction: More Rock, less Goth, no Pop... The 69 Eyes are finally back! Back in Blood! And that`s f***ing great!

Stefanie Singh

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