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Titel / Title Absolute Power 
Label Rawhead Inc./Soulfood Music 
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19 years in the business, 13 studio albums under their belt (some bands donīt even manage to make two albums) and still full of pain. On the cover of Absolute Power you see a revolutionary fist raised to the sky but how much revolution is then on the record, really? Not much – itīs just typical American metalcore with admittedly “absolute power” in large amounts (thanks to newcomer Rick Halversonīs pretty neat drum work) and the occasional catchy chorus which make songs like Stand My Ground and Gone Rogue truly radio-compatible but thatīs pretty much all about it. Bottom line: Absolute Power is a solid, well-produced, nicely played album – for my taste, however, those are also the reasons why, for the most part, itīs a rather pain-free listening experience.

Kathleen Gransalke

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