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Melissa Auf Der Maur

Titel / Title Out Of Our Minds 
Label Roadrunner Records / Warner Music  
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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That Melissa Auf der Maur released her second opus after her self-titled debut album in the year 2004 is a fact that I didn`t notice at first. That is truly mysterious because I was really impressed by her first record. But meanwhile this is already six years ago. What may Melissa, known as very self-critical person, create in this long period? Let`s listen to it...

The opener "The Hunt" with its long intro rises the suspense about what will coming up now and the title track "Out Of Our Minds" is the answer but to tell the truth it doesn`t impress me in any way. Inevitably I have to compare it with the opener of the debut album, "Lightning Is My Girl", which is a first class rocksong. "Out Of Our Minds" is light years away from that above all it`s annoying, but this is just the second song so let`s wait and see. Unfortunately, I have to say the same thing about "Isis Speaks": Melissa`s singing sometimes gets on the nerves and also this song doesn`t rock. Will it continue that way? The answer is "no" `cause the fourth track "Lead Horse" is quite psychedelic. It could be a song of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. I like it very much. Ironically Miss Auf Der Maur doesn`t sing on "Lead Horse"; it`s a pure instrumental song.

On track number five she starts to sing again and with "Follow The Map" we finally have a song which could have been also on "Auf Der Maur". "22 Below" is a nice ballad which emerges into a faster rock track but with "Meet Me On The Dark Side" we have again something of the category "girlie rock" due to the high singing of Melissa.

In "This Would Be Paradise" Melissa holds her tongue again but this time it won`t help `cause this instrumental track is not an exciting one. While listening to "Father`s Grave" I realise that I like this song but this credit belongs to the voice of her duet partner who is no one less than Glenn Danzig.

I can`t help myself but as much as I like some compositions of her debut album that often I am annoyied by her singing performances on "Out Of Our Minds". Either she sings with a girlish high voice or she tries to act "crazy" in one way or another. Neither the one nor the other pleases me. Where is the rock chick we knew from songs like "Taste You"?

Oh, wait, there she is: "The Key"! Let`s get started? Maybe. Let`s wait and see. Well, "The Key" sounds great and so the following track "The One" does but "1000 Years" annoies again. Guess why. Yes, it is her voice that`s too high once more. Even the cool guitar riff can`t make up that lack. And then... Ooops, the record is already over... And so we are over with "wait and see". Unfortunately.

There are some single songs or sometimes just single aspects of a song that I like, like a guitar riff, but in conclusion I have to ask: Is that all what we get after the six years wait? Six years we waited for the second record and still while listening to it we had to wait. We waited for possibly highlights.

To put it mildly it`s disappointing and in fact too little for six years work and the new star-ensemble of guest musicians and producers like the already mentioned Glenn Danzig or Chris Goss (Queens Of The Stone Age). I`m not satisfied.

Stefanie Singh

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