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Urban Majik Johnson

Titel / Title Trashlab Chronicl´z Vol.1 
Label fuenf59 
Total run time
23 min. 
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Urban Majik Johnson is written in fat Old English letters on the black cover of the new EP "Trashlab Chronicl´z Vol.1" - Hip Hop from Brooklyn underground, or what? Let´s czeck the tracks - light noise in the start, seems as if somebody was running around with a recorder, after that heavy guitar, bass and drums fall in: there is only a trio at work. What comes into mind about a trio? Right, the Trio from long time ago, NDW. But in the beginning of the 80th there was no Hip Hop. Now and here we get Hip Hop vocals. There wasn´t formerly any English. Here you get English on your ears, urbanely. Back in these days there wasn´t this straight hardcore music, based on wicked riffs, reduced on the raw points.

But now and then there was the fun for coolness and the crystal-clear development of the instrumental parts which are concentrated on the substance. Nobody has the chance to hide himself behind synthie-waves of keyboards or to let the rhythm guitar bridgeover a little nap. A spoonful of Machine Head meets Hardware (Buddy Miles) meets Rollins Band , a fusion of Metal, Grunge, Hip Hop and a little of Räggä. There is a big rumble in the speakers from partially quasi synchronously playing bass and guitar, a double-pack, hard, precise, with exciting changes of tempos; rather seemingly easy. But the strength bases on an excellent feeling for the composition which doesn´t leave space for any needless ballast. Some elements of sound collages give additional spice. An EP only, that means relatively short, but an appetizer able to attract the mood for more.

Pleased to hear this combo shall play even live very fiercely with a lot of fun. And was it already mentioned - Urban Majik Johnson doesn´t originate from Brooklyn, but from the city of Hamburg. Czeck it!

Urban Majik Johnson are Rumcajs, Son of Funk (bass/voc), Krzinga (git) and G-Man (dr).

Andreas Torneberg

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