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Titel / Title Sickness Of Memory 
Label Refused Records 
Total run time
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Mosfet from Austria are preparing to conquer the metalworld with their Thrash´n´Roll mixture. The CD features 10 songs, that bring along a decent portion of Thrash, but also Death Metal.
They kick of with the selftitled opener "Sickness Of Memory", that clearly shows, that this band is not just into speed and hard music, but also Groove and Rock. Apar from a short instrumental intermezzo ("Dawn"), you won´t really have a chance to take a breath, since they groove their way through the album without mercy. The promosheet mentions the connection to Sweden with the Swedish sounding guitars in good old Gothenburg style. I can also add another Swedish parallel, vocal- and instrumentalwise, since both resemble One Man Army And The Undead Quartet a lot sometimes! That being said, you might also have a rough idea what the growls sound like.

However, there´s a little catch in it - as energetic as those songs are being presented , after a while you can feel a little bit of "boredom" coming up. But (!), since they didn´t try to make the CD unneccessarily long, but sticked to a compact CD of 40 minutes, this catch isn´t that bad after all. Especially when you look at this music from a live-point of view, I´m pretty sure, that this mixture works fairly well live - including a nicely tortured neck from all the headbanging.
This band surely has enough potential for improvement and more CDs, I´m looking forward to that. Fans of Death and Thrash Metal should definitely give it a try!

Cornelia Wickel

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