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Pretty Maids

Titel / Title Pandemonium 
Label Frontiers Records 
Total run time
49 min 
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This year seems to be a very hard one for all hard rock fans but luckily only for their wallets because of all the great new releases that are must-haves. After many others, thereīs some new stuff coming form the Danish rockers of Pretty Maids who were on a hiatus for four years and it has definitely been worth the wait. With Pandemonium the Pretty Maids exceed all expectations and show that they are still a force to be reckoned with. The new record also introduces new keyboarder Morten Sandager (Mercenary) as a permanent member of the band.

The song Little Drops of Heaven is an earworm from the first second on – a beautiful song where Atkins shows what heīs made of. With his rasp voice he almost whispers the song and you start to think that you have just heard it on the radio because you can sing along right away. Maybe itīs a bit too kitschy for one or the other rocker but the girls will for sure like it. Guitarist Ken Hammer accentuates the song with his short but brilliant soloing, which makes it all the more schmaltzy but also more beautiful.

According to the label Pandemonium is supposed to be played very loud and I can only agree with that. So pump up the volume or even better go and check the band out live. After the festival season the Danes will probably play a European tour in October/November and with that in mind I can only say, bring on the autumn!

Sandy Mahrer

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