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Titel / Title Gossamer Witchcraft 
Label Hunterīs Moon Records 
Total run time
42 min 
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen/already released 
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Blackthorn were formed in Russia in 2004. The band could be the Russian Gothic Metal answer to the Finnish girls of Indica. Five girls, who not only look pretty but also know how to play their instruments. If you only take the music into consideration, itīs clear that Blackthorn are on the best way to make their mark in Europe.

The songs are a mix of gothic and black metal with classical elements. The guitar riffs are brilliantly arranged and also the rest of the instruments fit in nicely. The band mixes growls with a classical soprano voice, the growls as such are powerful and skilled but thereīs no info anyway about who did them. Singer Aina has been compared to Tarja Turunen but I donīt think thatīs justified. Of course her voice isnīt bad but it still misses some versatility, she especially has to work on the vibrato still.

All the songs are sung in the same way and at the same pitch, which especially comes through with the song “Blackthorn Winter”. Maybe the whole thing would be more unique if the lyrics were in Russian and not in English? On the other hand, one also has to wonder whether the days for such high female voices arenīt numbered anyway.

Iīd advice this band to keep on practicing and to hang in there. Maybe they could also work on their uniqueness and possibly by doing so they will find their own identity. As we all know, skill comes with practice.

Sandy Mahrer

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