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Titel / Title Depopulator 
Label Osignerad 
Total run time
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LAUTSTÜRMER know to impress in the first minutes of „Humanwasteerased“ with a powerful production, good staccato riffs and a veritable singer indeed, but they can’t conceal their weakness in songwriting for a long time. Many stuff of it are just pieces, randomly stuck together and completely without a structure. Sure this might be a deliberate strategy by some combos and will even work as well, but punk is more than only the sum of its pieces. LAUTSTÜRMER don’t either understand to write understandable (and diverse) songs, neither to raise the needful portion of insanity and charisma for truly successful punk/metal. So “Depopulator” may be an album full of fragments which are flowing in good parts from time to time, but soon it gets on your nerves. It could be that the album and the frittered away ideas upon it can be used as a idea source for other bands, but it’s nothing for consumers.

Markus Seibel, transl. Tatjana Ziegler

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