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Black Light Discipline

Titel / Title Aggressor (Single) 
Label Osasto-A 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 

The Finnish Electronic/Goth scene is pretty small, with Black Light Discipline representing one of its pillars. Yet this is not the only reason why itīs worth to lend an ear to this band, and their new single is an opportunity to do so. Black Light Discipline simply have this feeling for combining aggressive rhythms, heavy guitars, electronic sounds and appealing melodies to extremely catchy songs. Plus there is Toni Valhaīs distinctive hypnotic voice that I tried to describe already as "Ville Valoīs evil twin". Just like their debut album "Empire", the title track Aggressor features all the qualities mentioned, and you are faced with the dilemma "banging or dancing?" Live itīs even more obvious that those guys manage to pull off the whole scale from Rammstein/ Pain or Clawfinger to Placebo - apropos, Track 2 is a coververion of Placeboīs "Bitter End", only 3 times faster & more aggressive than the original. COOL thatīs the way I like it. Could become a E-Goth-Club-Dancefloor megahit.... Check it out!

PS: People who are interested and living in/near Hamburg, GER, and Helsinki, FIN, have a chance to purchase this single as a bargain indeed (= no postal fees), directly from the author of these lines, and fellow STALKER Andreas Torneberg, contact us here .

Klaudia Weber

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